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Weather is Getting Warmer – Is your Air Conditioner Ready?

SunFor the majority of the country spring is almost finally, fully upon us. The birds are beginning to chirp again, the flowers are starting to bloom, and warmer weather is just around the corner, if it’s not here already. Before it gets too hot outside though it’s time NOW to make sure your air conditioner is ready for summer.

Your air conditioner is something that is often taken for granted. You turn it on, hear it “click” on and start running, and after that it’s often left alone at that point, as long as it’s cooling your home and you’re comfortable. But, when it goes out you rush to get a service company on the phone to find out what is wrong with it. These repairs are typically costly, and stress-inducing. One way to avoid some of those costly repairs is to do a check on the air conditioner yourself.

Here’s how:

  1. Make sure all power is off to the air conditioner.71P48_300
  2. Clean the air conditioner and make sure there is no debris or excessive dirt on or in it.
  3. Carefully check the voltage and microfarad capacity of your run capacitor.
    1. If your run capacitor is older than 4 or 5 years we would recommend replacing it.
  4. Make sure the contacts on your contactor are clean and have a solid connection to allow current to flow through it.
  5. We always recommend putting a hard start kit with your run capacitor to help keep your compressor running at its most efficient.
  6. Make sure all of the wiring is tight and has good connections.

If you suspect that anything else may be wrong, or keeping your unit from running efficiently, service companies typically have a more detailed list of items to check and can also provide the expertise needed to fix the problem.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing a check of your air conditioner yourself then you should hire a service company to look it over for you. Typically service companies have annual maintenance plans that can give your air conditioner the right amount of preventative maintenance to give it a longer life and run more efficiently. For more information on preventative maintenance, check out our blog here.

10f73Our most common repair parts are capacitors and contactors. They should be replaced about every 5 years or so to keep your unit running efficiently. The capacitor will keep your fan motor and compressor running. But, it is important to install a hard start kit, or a start capacitor with your run capacitor. This will help prevent your compressor from drawing too much electrical current. The older a compressor gets, the tougher it is for that compressor to get started. A hard start kit will give your compressor more longevity by taking the extra stress off of it. This will give more life to your air conditioner as well, and will make it as efficient as possible.

These are just some simple tips on how to keep you’re A/C running smoothly for as long as possible. If you follow these tips before the start of every summer they will extend the life of your A/C. If you have any questions about your A/C – parts or otherwise –don’t hesitate to call our support staff here at the Parts Shop. We can be reached at (866) 215-3831 or at  Thank you!site-logo