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Germicidal Light The Way To Cleaner Air

Fact of life: germs are present in every home, and no matter how much you clean there will be at least some germs in your home. The question then becomes what can you do to combat the germs in your home? One of the simplest ways to clean up the air in your home and eliminate those pesky troublesome germs is through germicidal lights. There are three different types of UV rays: UV-A UV-B, and UV-C. The germicidal lights give off UV-C rays. This level of ultra-violet light destroys a mold’s, virus’s, and bacteria’s ability to grow and multiply. When these cells try to divide and multiply, they die off, rendering them ineffective in your home.

Installing these germicidal lights is easy, and it will also clean up the air circulating throughout your home without any extra steps on your part.Germicidal Lamp Picture 1

These lights are installed inside the duct work for your heating and cooling systems. Because it is installed inside the duct work, as the air is pushed through the ducts, the air is passed through the light. When the air passes through the light, the germs and bacteria become incapable to reproduce. The result of these lights is a fresher, cleaner home because the pathogens die off.

As an added bonus to the air filtration these germicidal lamps provide, they also help your heating and cooling unit’s efficiency remain in tip-top shape. This will prolong the life of the unit considerably. All of the things floating throughout your home can reduce the efficiency and ultimately lower the lifespan of the system. This drives up your cost for running the system, and it puts unnecessary wear and tear on the unit. While the AC unit is running during the summer, these lights help the coil remain clean and pathogen free when it is fighting humidity during the warmer months.

These lamps will take care of those deposits of gunk and gross things in your home. As a result, the air you breathe will be cleaner, crisper, and fresher. This will lead to a healthier and more cost-effective lifestyle for you and your family. Who doesn’t want that?Germicidal Lamp

However, UV lights can be harmful to your eyes. We recommend before installing one of these to make sure all of your duct work is sealed off. A certified technician should be able to confirm that your duct work is sealed off correctly before the installation of the germicidal lights. This is done to ensure that no one’s eyes suffer damage from looking at these lights.

If you would like to order one of these lights, we’d be happy to provide one for you. You can look at our selection of germicidal lights at http://www.hvacpartsshop.com/germicidallampequipmentandpartsuv.aspx. If you would like to discuss the benefits of having one of these lights more, or would like to order one, feel free to give us a call at (866) 215-3831. We’d love to hear from you!

Shocking Truth Behind Static Electricity

control boardA furnace circuit board uses two types of voltages. First is the control voltage. This always operates at 24 volts. Second is the line voltage. This is used to run the motors, and the voltage required for the line voltage depends on the unit. Typically, this is around 120 volts. With just one touch, a technician or homeowner can burn up the electrical components of a furnace. To avoid this type of incident it is important for anyone working on the furnace to discharge their self of any static electricity before working on the furnace.

Static electricity can build and burn up electrical components without any warning. Typically, when a person feels a static shock, they are feeling at least 3,000 volts of electricity. That is 20-25 times the normal capacity for that board to handle! If static discharges to the board with less than 3,000 volts, but more than the amount needed to run the board, the board can become ruined without any warning.

Grounding the electrical current out of the body is important to prevent shorting out any electrical components of the furnace. To ground the static electricity from the body, before doing any work on the electrical components, touch a metal object away from the furnace. The current will move from the body’s point of contact to the metal surface. This happens because metal is a better conductor of electricity than the human body.control board


Once the electricity is discharged from the body, working on the furnace is less dangerous to the electrical parts. And, if there are issues with electrical components or any other technical questions, we do offer technical support at (866) 215-3831. We have videos posted online for our most common parts, and we add more videos periodically. They can be viewed at www.hvacpartsshop.com. Feel free to give us a buzz if you need any parts for your furnace!

Basic HVAC home troubleshooting

H1: Basic HVAC Heating and Cooling System Troubleshooting

Your home heating and cooling system is a vital piece of your home that makes sure you and your family can feel comfortable year round. If it isn’t maintained properly, you run the risk of your system becoming less efficient that will not only wasting costly energy, but make it difficult to maintain that perfect, comfortable environment in your home.  When something goes wrong, there are a few common things to check in the HVAC system for some quick troubleshooting.

H2: Time to Swap Filters

A filter that is full of dirt and dust cannot properly move the air your HVAC system needs to operate efficiently. Even if the air still is flowing, the mechanics of the system might be working harder than they need too, prematurely aging your equipment. Plan to change your filters once a month in high-use seasons and every three months the rest of the year.

H3: Thermostat Is BrokeniS30

If your house is suddenly too hot or too cold and nothing seems to be wrong with the HVAC equipment, the culprit might just be your thermostat. Fortunately, this is a simple and relatively inexpensive repair to make.  Make sure that you check the status of your thermostat and see if it’s functioning properly before you start looking into other pieces of your system or planning a bigger repair project.


H4: Tripped Breaker

HVAC equipment that is completely unresponsive might throw you into a panic, but the reason might just be a tripped breaker. Be sure to immediately check out your breaker panel before doing anything other detective work. Flip the appropriate breaker back to the “on” position. That should get your system back up and running unless there was another problem inside your system.  It is possible that a breaker switch could be a fluke, but if the breaker continues to trip, contact a professional to help you address what may be causing the issue.

H5: Unbalanced Dampers

Dampers in your home heating and cooling ducts restrict the airflow into any section or room. If it seems like a particular space is always too cold or too warm, you might need to adjust the dampers that lead to that room.  If adjusting the dampers doesn’t completely solve the issue, you may have another issue on your hands.

H6: Leaking Refrigerant

If your home cooling system doesn’t seem to be producing air that is as cold as expected, you might have a problem with refrigerant leaking from the AC unit. If so, you will need to call a professional out to reload the system and repair any leaks.

Don’t Go Bananas! We Make HVAC Repairs Easy

Monkey AroundHVAC Parts Experts
We know that keeping your HVAC system working properly is essential, whether it’s to keep you cool in that summer heat, or making sure your home is warm and cozy when the winter rolls back around. We also know that repairing an HVAC system isn’t exactly as easy as changing a light bulb. That’s where we come in.

At HVACPartsShop.com, our mascot is a monkey. Why? Because we don’t “monkey around” with your business. It’s our goal to make the process of getting reliable replacement parts for your HVAC system as smooth and easy as possible, not to mention, easy on your wallet. Get the repair done right the first time with some help from the HVAC experts. Call our hotline or chat with a live technician if you have questions about a repair or want to make sure you have the right part. And save yourself from going bananas!

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How did we become the #1 internet source for Lennox OEM repair parts? Well it all starts with the selection of parts that we have here at HVACPartsShop. If you’re looking for an HVAC part, chances are that we have it in stock and ready for you. From manufacturers like Lennox, Bryant, Goodman, Carrier, Aire-Flo, Concord, & Armstrong Air, our selection spans every kind of part that you may need. If for some reason we don’t have the part that you need, we’ll help you find a part that is compatible with your system.

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The Season Of Trying To Stay Warm

Protecting your houseAs we get further and further into December, we’re sure that people everywhere have been thoroughly reminded of one thing: It’s cold out there. But since it’s the season of giving and being thankful for what we’re lucky to have, we want to do a little bit of that ourselves from over here at HVACPartsShop by saying that we’re thankful to have a working furnace in our homes that will keep us warm while we’re all huddled up inside trying to escape the cold.

Sure, if you don’t have a working furnace, you can wrap yourself in warm clothes and blankets, but at some point you’re just not going to be comfortable, maybe even a little sweaty. Having a furnace that can warm your home is something that will make your home truly comfortable, as a good home should be.


Keeping Your Furnace Functioning
Believe me when I say that we know that having a broken furnace is rough, especially during this time of the year. Even if you’ve made it all the way through the winter months up to this point, it’s still worth it to make sure that your furnace is fixed, just in case some days roll around that leave you wishing that it were working. That’s why, in the spirit of the season of giving (and all year round for that matter), we make it easy to find all of the replacement furnace parts that you need to get that thing back up and running as soon as possible, ideally before anything on your body freezes off.

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Get Everything You Need At HVACPartsShop!
Beyond just furnace repair parts, we carry a wide range of Lennox OEM repair parts to fix your HVAC system. If you have any questions about any of our parts or where to find them, or if just have questions about your system, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll make sure that you get all of the information and answers that you need.