Hard Start Kits: Do You Need One?

When a heating and AC system is working, it is marvelous. Having the temperature in your home exactly where you want it, regardless of the weather outside is a fantastic thing. However, like every other mechanical thing, some AC units are subject to wear-and-tear, and eventually breaking down. For many electrical units, the simple act of starting up is actually the hardest part in the lifespan of that unit. For example, many lightbulbs burn out when you start them, not when they’re on and running. This is due to the huge current that rushes in when a switch is thrown and power is first applied. Your A/C uses 5-10 times more power on start-up than it does when it’s running; this causes strain on its components. In addition to the power used to start-up your unit, a wave of heat rushes through and it could damage the compressor, terminals, windings and run capacitor; all vital components of your air conditioner.

One thing that happens when a compressor starts to wear down is an increase in electrical pull. As it wears down, it takes more and more electricity to shift the compressor from start-mode to run-mode. This extra electrical current can overload the capacitor, and it can stop working. In older units, start capacitors were required, and they helped shift the compressor into run-mode. Some units nowadays do not have start capacitors. If the compressor is having a hard time turning on, it could be drawing too much electrical current through the capacitor, and this will reduc71P48_300e the life of the capacitor significantly.

One way to prevent the extra pull of current through the  is to install a hard start kit, also known as a compressor saver. The hard start kit will shorten the start-up period of the compressor. It allows the compressor to start up quickly and use less power during the process of powering up your unit. Ultimately it will let you save money on your energy bill. You’re A/C may start upwards of 6,000 times in a single cooling season. Reducing the strain on your unit each time it starts will not only save you time and money, but it will also extend the lifespan of your unit.

Here at the HVAC Parts Shop it is our professional opinion that you consider adding a hard start kit for your unit. The hard start kit will allow your compressor to last longer, help your AC unit start and cool your home more efficiently, and ultimately cost you less money in power bills and the possible maintenance cost of a new compressor down the road. Here at the HVAC Parts Shop we sell hard start kits starting at $25; this is 90% less than replacing a new compressor, and 95-98% less than replacing you’re A/C unit. On our website the part number for the Hard Start Kit is a 71P48, and the direct link to the page is here. If you have any questions about the hard start kit, or anything parts related, remember we offer live tech support both on our website and over the phone.