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The Right Thermostat for Energy Savings

From weather-stripping and insulation to cleaning your vents, ducts and entire HVAC system, there is a magnitude of advice on the web explaining different ways to cut energy costs in your home. At HVACPartsShop.com, we whole-heartedly agree with these tips, but we also know that one sure-fire way to save on heating costs is by choosing the right thermostat.

There is a plethora of thermostats to choose from these days and they all fit into three categories – non-programmable thermostats, programmable thermostats, and smart thermostats. Each have their own perks and drawbacks, but when it comes to energy savings, we recommend a smart thermostat, specifically the iComfort S30.

smart thermostatsThe iComfort S30 is the newest smart thermostat from Lennox. This thermostat is the most advanced to date, yet simple to use. It learns a family’s lifestyle and adapts accordingly.

Just like all smart thermostats it has smartphone connectivity. Using a web-enabled device and the iComfort app, you can control your desired temperature and schedules from anywhere. However, the most impressive feature of the iComfort S30 is the Smart Away Mode.

The Smart Away Mode uses the GPS on your phone to detect your location and your proximity to home and determines the appropriate temperature and workload for you HVAC system. Overtime the Smart Away Mode will determine your schedule – when you go to work, when your family sleeps, when the house is empty, – and will adapt accordingly.

Another highlight of the S30 is the “Feels Like” feature. The “Feels Like” feature is similar to when the local meteorologist explains the difference between the actual temperature and what it really feels like. The S30 will create the temperature you want to feel by taking into consideration the outdoor temperature, the indoor temperature and the indoor humidity. When you set your temperature at 72 degrees, it will actually feel like 72 degrees and you won’t have to adjust it from season to season.

This Lennox smart thermostat also has an allergen defender which monitors the air quality and pollen levels in your area based on your zip code and automatically turns the fans on to clean your home’s air when the pollen levels are high.

Another great feature is that the iComfort S30 actively monitors your entire system and will notify you and your dealer if any problems arise.

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Simple Methods to Lower Heating Costs

Saving Money, by 401(K) 2012, 401kcalculator.orgThe winter air is getting colder and if you haven’t already, it is definitely time to turn that thermostat up. And if you’re on one of the stragglers it is probably because you realize that turning your thermostat up means rising heating bills. Yuck!

So what should you do? Keep your thermostat down and save money, while turning your family and yourself into icicles? Or turn your thermostat up and deal with those expensive bills? Maybe you can find a place somewhere in the middle. If you can keep your thermostat even one degree lower than where you usually keep it, then you can save one to three percent on your annual heating costs. Try these simple methods to staying warm, while keeping your thermostat down just a few degrees.

Please note that we are not suggesting you keep your thermostat down too low in the bitter cold and we certainly agree that you may have to turn your heat up as the weather gets colder, but these are some tips that might help you and your family keep your heat turned down just a smidge lower than you normally would.

Curtains. Close your curtains at night to keep heat inside your house. Open them during the day to utilize warmth from the sun.

Ceiling Fans. Since heat rises, all of your warm air is trapped at the ceiling. Set your ceiling fan to a low setting and let it spin clockwise. The warmer air will mix with the cooler air and raise the overall temperature in the room.

Humidifiers. Humidifiers push moisture into the air. Since moist air retains heat better than dry air, humidifiers will make your home feel warmer. Keep your humidifier(s) running during the cold and dry winter months.

Warm Showers. Showering in warm water will also warm you up and again, provide humidity. After you are done with your shower or bath, open the door and let the humidity warm the next room as well.

Kitchen Oven. Working in your kitchen, or just moving around period, makes you feel warmer. When you are done baking your delicious goodies open the oven door and let the heat escape into your kitchen.

Warm Sustenance. While you are in your kitchen baking those goodies, you might as well prepare a warm meal, such as soup, to serve to your family. Sipping on hot chocolate, tea or coffee throughout the day will also make you feel warmer.

Blankets! It seems so simple, yet can easily be overlooked. Curl up under a blanket while you and your family watch TV. Be sure and keep extra blankets on your bed as well.

As You Sleep. Nighttime is a good opportunity to turn the thermostat down a little more. When you are sleeping you won’t notice the drop in the temperature and if anything you may actually sleep better. Again, don’t turn the thermostat down so far as to let your family freeze, but a few extra degrees may really help lower those heating costs.

Dress Warm. Besides extra blankets, adding an extra layer of clothing will help you feel more comfortable as well. Wear warm socks and/or slippers to keep your feet warm, as the temperature of your feet has a large impact on your overall body temperature. If your feet feel warm, then the rest of your body will feel warmer as well.

Last, lower your heating costs by investing in a Smart Thermostat. The latest smart thermostats allow you to set a schedule, based on your daily routine, so that your thermostat can adjust accordingly. You are also able to adjust your home’s temperature from an app on your smartphone.