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We know that keeping your HVAC system working properly is essential, whether it’s to keep you cool in that summer heat, or making sure your home is warm and cozy when the winter rolls back around. We also know that repairing an HVAC system isn’t exactly as easy as changing a light bulb. That’s where we come in.

At HVACPartsShop.com, our mascot is a monkey. Why? Because we don’t “monkey around” with your business. It’s our goal to make the process of getting reliable replacement parts for your HVAC system as smooth and easy as possible, not to mention, easy on your wallet. Get the repair done right the first time with some help from the HVAC experts. Call our hotline or chat with a live technician if you have questions about a repair or want to make sure you have the right part. And save yourself from going bananas!

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How did we become the #1 internet source for Lennox OEM repair parts? Well it all starts with the selection of parts that we have here at HVACPartsShop. If you’re looking for an HVAC part, chances are that we have it in stock and ready for you. From manufacturers like Lennox, Bryant, Goodman, Carrier, Aire-Flo, Concord, & Armstrong Air, our selection spans every kind of part that you may need. If for some reason we don’t have the part that you need, we’ll help you find a part that is compatible with your system.

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While some say that it’s going the “extra” mile, we like to think of it as just providing our customers with the quality service that they deserve at all times. We make sure that you get your parts quickly, so fixing your HVAC system doesn’t become a long, drawn out project that sits on your to-do list.

We also have an expert staff of technicians that are ready to help you find the right parts or even guide you through the installation process for your new part step-by-step. Did we mention we love do-it-yourselfers? If you want to save a couple hundred bucks, just give our team a call for the expert help you need, and you’ll be feeling like a professional HVAC technician!

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Don’t put yourself through the hassle of searching when everything you need is all in one place right here at HVACPartsShop.com. When you order from us, you’ll see exactly why we’re a leading supplier of Lennox OEM parts, and you absolutely won’t see any monkeying around. Browse our selection today and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!


The Season Of Trying To Stay Warm

Protecting your houseAs we get further and further into December, we’re sure that people everywhere have been thoroughly reminded of one thing: It’s cold out there. But since it’s the season of giving and being thankful for what we’re lucky to have, we want to do a little bit of that ourselves from over here at HVACPartsShop by saying that we’re thankful to have a working furnace in our homes that will keep us warm while we’re all huddled up inside trying to escape the cold.

Sure, if you don’t have a working furnace, you can wrap yourself in warm clothes and blankets, but at some point you’re just not going to be comfortable, maybe even a little sweaty. Having a furnace that can warm your home is something that will make your home truly comfortable, as a good home should be.


Keeping Your Furnace Functioning
Believe me when I say that we know that having a broken furnace is rough, especially during this time of the year. Even if you’ve made it all the way through the winter months up to this point, it’s still worth it to make sure that your furnace is fixed, just in case some days roll around that leave you wishing that it were working. That’s why, in the spirit of the season of giving (and all year round for that matter), we make it easy to find all of the replacement furnace parts that you need to get that thing back up and running as soon as possible, ideally before anything on your body freezes off.

As an extra gift to you from us during the holidays, you can get free ground shipping on your furnace parts if your order is over $100. Just use the code “HOLIDAY” when you’re checking out. You can also use the code “SHIP4LESS” if your order is under $100 to get $5 off your shipping! Just browse through our furnace repair parts and find exactly what you need at a great value.


Get Everything You Need At HVACPartsShop!
Beyond just furnace repair parts, we carry a wide range of Lennox OEM repair parts to fix your HVAC system. If you have any questions about any of our parts or where to find them, or if just have questions about your system, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll make sure that you get all of the information and answers that you need.



Different Types of Capacitors for your HVAC System

The main function of a capacitor in an HVAC system is to provide the additional torque needed to get a unit running and the electricity needed to keep it running. There are different types of capacitors and you will find different types in different HVAC systems. As in the video, let’s begin by explaining start capacitors:

Start Capacitor
Start capacitors can be seen in outdoor units such as air conditioners and heat pumps, and are in addition to a dual run capacitor, which we will cover later. Generally only high-end factory models come with a start capacitor, but start capacitors or super boost capacitors can be installed in older or smaller units in order to increase torque and quicken start up.

The purpose of a start capacitor is to get the compressor up and running as fast as possible. As the compressor begins running, the potential relay will disconnect the capacitor from the electrical circuit. The two parts go hand-in-hand and it is a good idea to purchase them together.

A super boost capacitor is another type of start capacitor that has a potential relay built into it. This capacitor is very easy to install. It has two interchangeable wires – one that connects to the common terminal and one that connects to the HERM terminal. It can easily be stacked next to the run capacitor in your unit. If you have any additional questions about installation, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help.

We can also help identify the size and ratings of your capacitor so that you can replace it correctly. It is common for the label to become rusty and hard to read. As long as you know your unit’s model and serial numbers we can find the right capacitor.

Dual Run Capacitor
Dual run capacitors are also found on outdoor AC units and heat pumps and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are able to support two motors – the compressor motor and the fan motor. The dual run capacitor runs continuously while your unit is running. It has three terminals: HERM connects to the compressor, fan connects to the fan motor and common connects to the contactor. It is imperative to connect each wire to the appropriate terminal.

Again, it is important to read your data sticker in order to purchase the correct size of capacitor. The data that you should be looking for are the microfarads and the VAC, or voltage amp current. The capacitor in the video shows a capacitor with 45 + 10 microfarads. This means that 45 microfarads will go to the compressor and 10 microfarads will go to the fan motor. The new capacitor that you purchase must have the same amount of microfarads. VAC, however, is slightly different. If you are replacing a 370 VAC, you may replace it with a 440 VAC, but you cannot replace a 440 VAC with a 370 VAC.

Single Run Capacitor
Single run capacitors are generally used in furnaces. They have two terminals, HERM and common. The two wires that come from the furnace’s blower motor can connect to either terminal.

Over time, single run capacitors can get weak and you will begin having problems keeping your furnace running. If your fan motor is making a humming sound, this is a sign that you need a new capacitor. Note, it is dangerous to use your hand to give your blower motor a push. Please refrain from doing so.

Two additional safety tips for replacing your capacitor are:

  1. Make sure the power to the unit is off, both at the unit and at the circuit breaker.
  2. Deactivate the electrical charge, by using an insulated screwdriver and touching each terminal. It is also a good idea to wear insulated gloves.

Thank you for watching (and reading) our video. Until next time, stay warm!


What Is A Capacitor?

capacitorA capacitor is used in most HVAC systems, including furnaces. It has two main functions – it provides the additional torque needed for starting a unit and gives the unit the electricity needed to keep it running. They are on continuous duty while the motor is running.

Capacitors provide a steady supply of electricity to the fan motors and help the blowers move hot air through your system. In other words a capacitor is similar to a battery, storing electricity and stabilizing currents.

Without a capacitor your furnace’s motor will not start and the unit will not run. In fact, if the motor in your furnace won’t start, the capacitor is likely the problem.

Capacitors are categorized by microfarads and voltage. Microfarads are what measure the capacitors ability to store an electrical charge. A capacitor will range from 1.5 to 100 microfarads and will be classified at either 370 VAC or 440 VAC.