Can your Thermostat save you money?

Cornelius DrebbelThe thermostat is a wonderful device. Since its invention in the early 1700s by Cornelis Drebbel, a Dutch man, with one of its earliest uses being to regulate the temperature of a chicken incubator, the thermostat has been helping people regulate the temperature inside of their home and their office space. From Drebbel’s earliest incarnation of a thermostat, to today’s Wi-Fi enabled programmable thermostats, thermostats have been helping people stay comfortable inside of their home for hundreds of years. However, for such an important household device, a startling number of people do not know much about the types of thermostats that are available to them. Thermostats aren’t in the “one size fits all mold”, as some thermostats might be better suited to your household than others. In this blog we will look at the most common types of thermostats founds in today’s modern home.


As mentioned before there are several types of thermostats. Three of the more common types are:

Programmable                                        Non-programmable                                Smart thermostats

Wifi Stat

iComfort Wi-Fi Thermostat

Smart thermostats are used with a smart phone and the corresponding app. The process where a homeowner can control their thermostat, lights, etc. is called home automation. Home automation gives a homeowner control of their house. It also can help to save the homeowner money when it comes to controlling the temperature in their home. When someone is out of the house, they can decide what temperature to set their thermostat at, even if they forgot to change it while they were at home. If there is a day cooler than expected, a homeowner can turn off the air conditioner from their phone, and that will help give them more savings.

Programmable Thermostat

PRO IAQ Programmable Thermostat

Having worked outside, I can tell you that it is a fantastic feeling when you’ve got the A/C blasting, and taking that first step inside is glorious. However, to keep an AC unit running all summer can definitely send the electric bill through the roof. A programmable thermostat can help limit the rising costs of your electric bills. A programmable thermostat can be set for days in advance. Some can even be set for a week in advance, and that can drive costs down. A programmable thermostat works by setting times for it to cool or heat to different temperatures throughout a day. This works in conjunction with a consistent schedule, so it can be set to turn on right before you get home from work, but the unit is not running all day.

On the flip side, non-programmable thermostats are easy to use. The unit can be turned on with the flip of a switch. Put the temperature to what you desire, and feel the magic happen. The drawback to the non-programmable thermostat is that it is easy to forget about, so it can keep costs up on hot/ cold days.

Non-Programmable Thermostat

PRO Nonprogrammable Digital Thermostat

The further the outside temperature is from the setting on the thermostat, the more the unit has to work to keep the temperature constant. Our recommendation is to keep the temperature as high as is comfortable in the summer, and as low as comfortable in the winter. Also, baking and cooking with the stove heats the home as well, and that could rise the temperature in the home a few degrees. This can cause the unit to run more, so being aware of anything that can keep the unit running is important.

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